Animasi 3D


Translation: 3D Animation

© 2000 Animasi 3D, Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka Kuala Lumpur

Author: Sharkawi Che Din

Synopsis (translation): 3D Animation is divided into two different fields, which are 2D and 3D animation. 2D animation refers to flat animations that are produced by sketching each aimated frame through specific softewares like SoftImage ToonZ, Macromedia Director and others. Examples of 2D animation are films like The Lion King, Mulan and Fantasia.

3D animation refers to animation that is produced in three dimensions and each object is animated in the virtual world by inputting and modifying coordination values of X,Y, Z planes. Examples of 3D animated films are A Bug's Life, Antz, Matrix ad others.

This book specialises only on 3D animation. However, it is not designed to teach methods of how to use 3D animation software, instead the book focuses on concepts of producing 3D animation as a whole.  As such this book describes how 3D models are built, types and methods of applying surface texture, rendering techniques, scripting animations and others.

Pages: 1-187

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