Panduan Asas Pemikiran Reka Bentuk Produk


Translation: Product Design Thinking Basics Guide

© 2020 Panduan Asas Pemikiran Reka Bentuk Produk, UiTM Press

Author: Shahriman Zainal Abidin

Synopsis (translation): Product design thinking is important for a designer in the areas of invention, innovation and design. The formulation of a design idea based on design thinking can be generated through strategies, methodologies and processes involving design that is appropriate to the case of product creation.

This book emphasizes several theoretical and practical aspects of product development. It covers introductions, design thinking and design models, product development processes, design methods, design thinking strategies and future product design thinking challenges.

In addition, the book uses both analytical instruments and generative techniques to help designers see how new or existing operations can allow them to see into the future and build directions for them to get there. The methods used in this book include business aspects, prototype models, data visualization, innovation strategies, organizational design, research (qualitative and quantitative) and intellectual property awareness. It also takes into account the capabilities and requirements of the designer in designing a product.

Hopefully, the information contained in this book can serve as a guide for designers in a structured and unstructured way. In addition, it is useful for all ages and careers such as students, researchers and academics in developing a product design for the benefit of consumers and industry.

Pages: 1-128

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