Dunia Kartun Menyingkap Pelbagai Aspek Seni Kartun Dunia Dan Tempatan


Translation: The World of Cartoons Discovering Various Aspects of Local and International Cartoon Art

© 2010 Dunia Kartun Menyingkap Pelbagai Aspek Seni Kartun Dunia Dan Tempatan, Creative Enterprise Sdn. Bhd

Author: Muliyadi Mahamood

Synopsis (translation): The World of Cartoons is a compilation of writings published in the Gila-Gila World of Cartoons column since its first series in December 2001. After eight years, the idea to compile it into a book is seen as critical and necessary as a form of reference on the world of global and local cartoon arts. The tendency to approach this field as a discipline of knowledge has risen with the addition of independent research, as well as studies in higher institutions of learning on cartoons, caricatures, comics and animation. In addition, the publication of reading materials based on cartoons and comics, including humour magazines, continue to grow in this country. This reflects its role as a popular cultural media. It is hoped the presence of this book will enhance academic research, writings and discussions on cartoon arts.

Pages: 1-199

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