Razak Abdullah Symphony of Colour


Razak Abdullah Symphony of Colour

© 2008 Razak Abdullah Symphony of Colour

Author: Muliyadi Mahamood

Synopsis (translation): The strength of Razak's work is evident in his landscapes, which are beautiful, peaceful, tranquil and impressionistic.  From depictions of his home in Melawati to Bidong, Razak has translated the beauty and traquility of the local landscape with artistry, poetic nuance and meaning.  From "A Remote Kiosk" (2001), which combines the sea and fishermen's homes; or "Behind My Apartment II" (2004), which combines water and the greenery of nature; or 'Sisa-sisa Yang Ada II" (2003), which is reminiscent of French impressionism and the "Lake Garden" series, Razak moved to underwater landscapes in the series "Portrait of Bidong" that depicts the joy of fishes swimming in the beautiful and colourful sea. A feeling of peace and tranquility is evident in the use of thick, cheerful and peaceful colours. Razak has said, this is the beauty of nature that he wanted to capture, and it is like a therapy and symphony of colours. The harmony of the mix of images, waves, movement and colour, as well as Razak's approach to his art subjects have created an intimate atmosphere that he wishes to share.

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