Kartun Editorial Melayu Sejak 1990


Translation: Malay Editorial Cartooms Since 1990

© 2010 Kartun Editorial Melayu Sejak 1990, Pusat Penerbitan Universiti (UPENA), UiTM

Author: Muliyadi Mahamood

Synopsis (translation): The book Malay Editorial Cartooms Since 1990 was produced through in-depth research on the styles and themes in Malay Editorial Cartoons Since 1990. It explains the history and types of cartoons that are published in local newspapers and also discusses the meaning behind each cartoon drawn by renowned local cartoonists like Lat, Reggie Lee, Nan and others. Most of their cartoons, which are included in this book, depict contemporary political scenarios, the culture and lives of Malaysians, as well as how it all has experienced change, be it big or small, since the 1990s. This book also touches upon the scenario overseas.

Pages: 1-148

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