Photography Its Significance Strands and Values in Education


Photography Its Significance Strands and Values in Education

© 2011 Photography Its Significance Strands and Values in Education, University Publication Centre, UiTM

Author: Mustaffa Halabi Azahari

Synopsis: The significance of this book is to facilitate and guide students who are currently pursuing photography as their major area of study. For future students who plan to pursue photography as a specialisation, it is my earnest hope that this book will play a role in guiding and enabling them to understand photography in a more systematic and effective manner. Besides that, it is hoped that interested readers will be able to understand the philosophy and fundamental aspects of photography in people's daily lives.

The impact of photographic images is not merely emphasised on the surface, or as a window to the world, but it represents an interpretive form. Hence, someone has to have a good grasp of these very fundamental characteristics in order to be able to become a holistic and competent photography practitioner. These competencies include technical abilities, visual thinking, intelligence and literacy that would drive him/her to become a good and commendable practitioner. The fundamentals of cognitive, psychomotor and affective domains are prerequisites for anyone who aspires to get involved professionally in photography practices.

Pages: 1-67

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