Kartun dan Kartunis di Malaysia


Translation: Cartoons and Cartoonists in Malaysia

Author: Muliyadi Mahamood

Synopsis (translation): Raja Hamzah, Lat, Rejabhad and Zunar are our country's most prominent cartoonists. Their eminence is highlighted by Professor Dr. Muliyadi in his latest book, which discusses the world of cartoons in Malaysia.

The contents of this book have been adapted and updated from a series of essays that Professor Dr. Muliyadi had published in several magazines and journals, such as the International Journal of Comic Art (IJOCA), Pemikir, Dewan Budaya and Gila-Gila.

Upon reading this book, we will understand that the world of cartoons actually has a unique impact on global history and civilisation. Cartoons are not meaningless humour but are capable of changing the regional sociocultural and sociopolitical landscape. In fact, cartoons are also an effective medium for religious messages which can be easily conveyed to the audience.

This book is a must-read for cartoon enthusiasts, those involved in communication, students, as well as the public so that they can better understand one of the branches of art that are starting to gain the attention of the masses.

Besides focusing on several important cartoonists like Lat, Rejabhad, Raja Hamzah and Zunar, the writer also describes his experiences in studying and writing about the nation's cartoons. These writings were generally published in local and international journals and magazines such as the International Journal of Comic Art (IJOCA), Pemikir, Dewan Budaya and Gila-Gila. For the purpose of publication, these essays have been updated and accompanied by many related illustrations.

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