Seni Bukan Segala-galanya


Translation: Art Isn't Everything

© 2013 Seni Bukan Segala-galanya, RA Fine Arts (SuaraSuara)

Author: Mohd Fuad Arif

Synopsis (translation): This book is a compilation of personal anecdotes and a collection of several statements by scholars (like Tariq Ramadan and Martin Heidegger). In the title, 'Art' refers to the 'Art-world' (ontic) and does not refer to 'Art' as a presence of a position (ontological). This book does not delve deeply into discussions of art but it predominantly states the writer's thoughts on matters concerning ‘differences’, ‘hierarchy’, ‘religion’ and ‘life’. Due to the fact that they are personal anecdotes, there may be matters that will not be considered 'academic,' but they may be crucial for us to think and reflect upon as normal human beings living in this world. Therefore, the reflections that arise may cause some ‘unfamiliarity’ when it also encompasses matters of 'domestic help', ‘rubbish sweepers', ‘the poor’ and about 'tools'. This book is not intended to 'teach’ readers about how to lead their lives but is shared as a hope that it will open new and valuable avenues to the reader's awareness.

Pages: 1-103

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