Seni Reka Perindustrian: daripada Idea kepada Lakaran


Translation: Industrial Design: from Ideas to Sketches

© 2013 Seni Reka Perindustrian: daripada Idea kepada Lakaran, Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, Kuala Lumpur

Authors: Shahriman Zainal Abidin, Mohamad Hariri Abdullah and Zaidi Yusoff

Synopsis (translation): This book was produced to fulfil the need for more references on industrial design in the Malay language. An understanding of the design process is presented from the process of idea formulation to the process of idea development, until the presentation of design.

This reference is easy to understand and gives readers a visual guide in the form of industrial design sketches. Readers will also learn about methods of rough sketching with markers. Markers are a material that is often used in the making of sketches as it is fast-drying and easy to use. Therefore, how the material is used from beginning to end is explained with examples of sketches.

The book Industrial Design: from Ideas to Sketches emphasises on theory, elements and principles, as well as the rules of design sketching with writing.  Many examples illustrations are provided so that each description can be understood and done by the reader, especially those in the industrial design programme, academicians, researchers, amateur designers and professional designers working in the industrial sector.

Pages: 1-135

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