Membina Kendiri Unggul Berkarisma II


Translation: Building Excellent Charisma 2

© 2003 Membina Kendiri Unggul Berkarisma II, Pusat Ilmu Jelatek

Author: Amer Shakir Zainol

Synopsis (translation): As we all know, motivation is the key to success. This magical word can truly bring immense meaning to our lives. Its connotation is ideal for individuals who wish to express and comprehend it as a means for achieving success. We desire motivation, but without in-depth knowledge of this wisdom, it may just pass unnoticed. It is crucial for us to be aware that motivation as a tool that should be explored and that the pursuit to obtain it is a noble cause.

This book uncovers the matters that evoke self-motivation, factors that cause disturbances in the development of self-motivation, as well as the skills needed to learn and build a unique environment to sustain motivation. 

The development of self and environmental excellence is inculcated into readers so that they are more realistic in work situations.

Pages: 1-114

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