Membina Karakter Remaja TERAPEUTIK


Translation: Building Therapeutic Teenage Character

© 2006 Membina Karakter Remaja TERAPEUTIK, Pusat Penerbitan Universiti (Upena), UiTM

Authors: Amer Shakir Zainol and Mohd Badrulddin Hj Anuar

Synopsis (translation): The teenage years are a transition period that has a massive impact on one's life and development. The transition between childhood and adulthood is marked by many great challenges. As such, teens need to be exposed to knowledge that can help shape their personality and good character in line with today's challenging situations and conditions.

Undoubtedly, the teenage years are full of tests and obstacles. Problems on love, confusion, lack of self-confidence, difficulty in making decisions, as well as many other problems often plague teenagers. This causes teenagers to lose focus and they are always looking for a solution, with the hope that they can face and solve their troubles. This book provides a solution son how to face these problems and establish an environment that encourages teens to be more motivated and self-confident.

This book's emphasis on the 34 characters that shape therapeutic teenagers is much-needed by youth. It is hoped that this book will provide an effective impact on all readers who wish to see excellence reflected in society. Happy reading!

Pages: 1-162

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