Bachelor of Creative Game Design (Hons) is an intensive program that is designed to prepare the students for the high demand and requirements of the game industry. You will undergo a series of courses that will help you to master the technical skills in software usage and as well as communication skills. This program will expose the students with the required management and entrepreneurial knowledge; as a modern designer should not only depend on his or her design skills but also on the knowledge of the corporate world as well. 

As the industry grows, the demand for graduate students who can adapt well is higher than ever. In response to this situation, Bachelor of Creative Game Design (Hons) will be delivered through Work-Based Learning (WBL) mode, also known as 2u1i. For the first two (2) years or four (4) semesters of the program, the students will attend classes at the faculty where teaching and learning are through the conventional method i.e. structured information delivery which is based on reading material and theoretical knowledge. However, in the final year or semester 5-6, students will be joining companies from the industry; to experience the real working environment, where they will be coached and their progress is closely monitored by the experts.



Game Designer, Game Animator, Game Producer, Creative Director, DevOps, Game Programmer, Game Artist, Level Editor, Narrative Copywriter, Producer, Product Manager and Game Tester. However, do not limit your imagination by thinking that game design is merely for video game-related career opportunities. The game categories can be much wider including designing board games, TV show games and even to the extent of creating corporate game designs.